Kerri is an artist, futurist and feminist, exploring story and culture through documentary, virtual reality and public engagement. Her desire is to expand access to technology and use of storytelling as a crucial way to affect social change.  Kerri is also the creative director for the youth programs Produced by Her and Recoding Resilience and at NW Documentary in Portland Or.

Select work samples 

Virtual & Augmented Reality Projects

2018       Hauberk, Virtual Reality experience of Rosanna Ybarra Artist Exhibition

2017         Unware, 360 video of Rosanna Ybarra Artist Exhibition

Film and Video    

2018         Director, “Produced by Her Behind the Scenes”, Portland OR

2016         Director, “Produced by Her Behind the Scenes”, Portland OR

2016         Director, “The Volunteer Experience”, Girls Inc of the Pacific NW, Portland OR

2014-15    Producer, “Welcome to the Circus” - Feature Documentary, Portland OR

2013        Director, “The Life Between” - Short Documentary, Portland OR

2000-2003    Assistant Editor, Herzog Productions, Burbank CA

The Code Talkers: A Secret Code of Honor

'The Scorpion King': A Warriors Journey

Inside a Beautiful Mind

The Making of 'Ocean's Eleven'

Training Day: Crossing the Line


Teaching & Professional Experience

2016-18     Founder, Creative Director, Produced By Her a Girls Documentary Filmmaking Program, Portland


2017           Instructor, Documentary Storytelling in Virtual Reality, NW Documentary, Portland, OR

2015 - 17    Instructor, Recording Resilience, NW Documentary, Portland, OR

                    Co-Founder Creative Director, Vox Siren, Portland OR

2004-07    Audio Book Producer, HBI Institute, Portland OR   


Curatorial Experience

2017        Super: Women in Tech Live Storytelling, Revolution Hall, Portland OR

2015        Black United Fund Mural, Honoring the women of the Civil Rights Movement, Black United

Fund, Portland OR


Speaking Engagements

2017        The Future of Immersive Storytelling, Portland VR Meetup, Portland Oregon

                 Embodiment in Immersive Documentaries, Portland Women in Tech, Portland Oregon

2016        Storytelling for Business, Woman Led, Portland OR

2015        Daily Micro Interventions Toward Zero Tolerance for Sexual Violence, USAF, Portland OR

2014        Advocacy and Filmmaking with 5 Broken Cameras, Clinton Street Theater, Portland OR

2011         Defining Rape and Clarifying Consent, Mills College, Oakland CA

                  Naming Sexual Harassment, Mills College, Oakland CA


Board Affiliations

2018         President, Woman Led, Portland OR

2017          Vice President, Woman Led, Portland OR

2015-17     Vice President, NW Documentary, Portland OR


Honors & Awards

2015           Winner, Xcite Whiteboard Pitch, Portland OR

2010 - 11    Dr Laura Nathan Woman of Distinction, Oakland, CA



2011        Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Mills College, Oakland CA

                 Citizen Scholar, Institute for Civic Leadership

                 Sociology Student of the Year


2009        Associate of Arts, Portland Community College, Portland OR

                 Student Educator, Illumination Project

                 Study Abroad, Oaxaca Mexico